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Mentoring in YOUR Studio

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Hi!  I'm Denise with Appleseed Photography- I am based in Dawson Creek BC Canada and have been teaching the art of newborn photography in my studio as well as taught workshops in other cities.

I've been noticing a growing number of photographers saying they wish they could be taught in their OWN studios- this way you can apply the knowledge more directly. 

This is a lot different than a workshop or a 1:1 in my studio- we will be using YOUR props, lighting & camera.

I will be showing you how to get the best results with what you have while also offering you advice and recommendations on what I think you need to invest in next.

The idea isn't to turn your work into *mine* - there's a great chance we don't have the same gear/lighting/props. I am going to help you achieve the best you can be with what you have however, if you'd like to purchase what I use prior to the 1:1- I can show you how I use the exact same lighting/props I use!

To get *my* results, I use an Einstein, Nikon D750, Sigma 50mm Art , Freeform poser for bucket posing, Transformer poser for Froggy & Bean Bag Poses & a Paloma Schell Bean Bag Posing System.

Each person's results from this will vary due to the custom nature of this mentoring.

You will be responsible for setting up the event & booking the models & providing the images to the parents.

How this will work is , we would book 2-3 models.

Our day will look like this:

10 am - I arrive to your studio location & get acquainted

10:30 Model 1 arrives

1pm: break ( lunch) we provide our own lunches for ourselves.

1:30 Model 2 arrives 

3pm Model 3 arrives

5pm Editing & Q&A

6pm we are done and if you're up for it, we can go for dinner!

*After Dinner, we get our hugs & goodbyes!*

You will need a model release for your model calls- it's recommended to take a deposit that will be refunded after the model shows up to ensure they come! 

I'm not responsible or liable if a model cancels, so it's up to you to ensure they show up!

We will go over wrapping , posing, lighting, editing, styling, settings & more.

The sessions will be BABY LED. I don't take specific pose requests since babies do what they want and I aim to do whatever baby lets us do.

I will bring a bag of my essentials that I will show you how to use as well!

I am not bringing my camera! This means, we will use YOUR camera- I will get your camera all set up and will take images with your camera and so will you! This ensures a nice variety for your model calls- you can offer them a set amount of free images ( up to you! I usually give 3) and if you want to UPSELL them, you can! This can also help you recoup costs from our mentorship.

You are required to pay for the mentoring costs &  for all travel/flight/gas costs & hotel/fees.

If you are near Calgary, Airdrie, Dawson Creek, Fort St John, Grande Prairie- travel costs are super low since I have homes in these areas and we can plan it around when I will be in either place so it'll make it so there's nearly no extra cost besides the mentoring fee =)


Mentoring cost: $1800 + Tax

Travel Cost ( TBD depending on where you live etc ) 

**more info and details may be added*