Appleseed Black & White Action

Appleseed Black & White Action

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This black & white action is compatible with Photoshop CC 2021 + Newer =) 


This is the black & white action I use on ALL of my galleries <3 


If you have the "STUDIO ESSENTIALS" actions set- that means you already have this action! 



To watch how to use it, visit the Appleseed Photography YouTube Channel and find the video titled " Studio Essentials Run Through"


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Due to the digital nature of these products, there are absolutely no refunds/exchanges/returns.  

It is the responsibility of the customer to save & back up ALL digital files purchased from Appleseed Photography since the download link DOES expire.

In the event of lost digital files, there is a fee of $20 CAD should the customer request that Appleseed Photography resend them.