Appleseed Baked Skin Editing Actions
Appleseed Baked Skin Editing Actions

Appleseed Baked Skin Editing Actions

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These Photoshop CC (2021 version of PS) actions are intended for newborn & baby skin editing.

Please Visit the YOUTUBE CHANNEL for tutorials/instructions & FAQs before emailing for assistance!

Click here---->Appleseed Photography YouTube Channel


Editing newborn skin can be a challenge which is why these actions were created!

You will speed up your workflow with beautiful results.

Our set contains the following: 

Appleseed Color Base 1

Perfect Skin

Bye Bye Blemishes

Removal of Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple Tones

Highlight enhancer

Shadow enhancer

Brighten Midtones

Midtone Drop



Contrast Pop

Detail sharpen

Detail enhancements

Social Media Resize

Vintage Warmth


The APPLESAUCE Brush- Focus & Detail Enhancer

Due to the digital nature of this product, it is NON refundable!


Image by Blueberry & Lace Photography


Appleseed Preset 1 ( The Appleseed Preset Collection)
Baked Actions:
Baked Collection | Reduce red, Reduce purple, Enlighten, Shadows, Burnt Edges, Officially baked and Vintage Warmth
Essentials Collection | Appleseed Base, Blemish Blaster, Fabric Smoother, Sharpen Details, and Officially Baked 6