Appleseed Studio Newborn Essentials Actions

Appleseed Studio Newborn Essentials Actions

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These Photoshop CC (2021 + newer version of PS) actions are intended for newborn & baby skin editing.


Want to see what these actions do?  There's a video showing how to use them on the YouTube channel!

Click here---->Appleseed Photography YouTube Channel


You will speed up your workflow with beautiful results & work great with the Appleseed Baked actions or alone. 

Our set contains the following: 

Appleseed Base

Blemish Blaster

The ULTRA Skin Brush

Cool Down

Color Changer

Subtle Vignette Brush

Fabric Smoother

Sharpen Details Brush

Officially Baked 2

Officially Baked 3

Officially Baked 4

Officially Baked 5

Officially Baked 6

Officially Baked 7

Appleseed BW

Appleseed BW1

Appleseed BW2


Image by Kristin Alyse Town


Shop Policies:

Due to the digital nature of these products, there are absolutely no refunds/exchanges/returns.  

It is the responsibility of the customer to save & back up ALL digital files purchased from Appleseed Photography since the download link DOES expire.

In the event of lost digital files, there is a fee of $20 CAD should the customer request that Appleseed Photography resend them.