Dear Cheap Photographer

Devaluing the art.  Undercutting. You get what you pay for. You need to charge more. You’re stealing my clients. 


Heard all of this before?    I did when I first started too.


But here’s the thing,  it’s nobody’s  business what  you charge.


It really isn’t. It’s only YOUR business, literally.


You are NOT devaluing the art because of how you price yourself.  The ONLY photographers that ‘devalue’ the art are the industry bullies!


I’ve been in the industry on a professional level for  3 years now- in business & paying my taxes! Though I began dabbling in photography many years prior.



If you are one of the ‘inexpensive’ photographers,  I have something to say to you.

YOU deserve to be here, just like the rest of us. You are of value AND very much needed in the industry. There IS room for you- there is room for all of us!  

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Without you,  there would be HUNDREDS of families each year going without family photos.  You aren’t ‘stealing’ anyone’s clients- if they book you, they are YOUR clients!

There isn’t much truth to the whole “You get what you pay for” –  it doesn’t mean if you slap a huge price tag on your work that you are necessarily better than someone who charges less. It also doesn’t mean that you SUCK just because your prices are lower.


While there are varying levels of quality of work out there, I am still completely thankful for ANY images I have of a loved one, especially if they have passed on, even if it’s a ‘point and shoot’ image.  While yes, it would be really nice to be able to afford high quality, upscale imagery of my family members – it’s just not realistic for a majority of people- it’s a luxury, not a necessity.

We NEED the lower priced photographers.    If we didn’t have them, I wouldn’t have pictures of my kids when they were little because $150 was very hard for me to afford and that was still considered ‘cheap’ at the time.


We have these amazing pieces of technology at our finger tips- let’s not take that for granted, don’t let someone else’s opinion cause you to let your camera sit on a shelf collecting dust!


Get out there. Shoot like no ones watching. Make memories. Have fun. Learn. Grow. Do what you LOVE!


I am in no way dissing or putting down the higher priced market- not even a little bit as I am one of the more expensive photographers in my city!     Everyone has the right to price themselves however they choose.   I just think it’s time people stop crushing the newbies & those that keep their prices on the lower end because it’s really hurtful & completely unnecessary.   We all should focus on what we have in common and that is a love for taking photos and creating memories ’cause that’s what it’s all about <3


I believe in community over competition.  I believe in kindness and compassion.    It’s much easier to be nice.






Feel free to join me & other likeminded photographers over in my Facebook group, it’s a kind and supportive community where we love to see and help others grow- I also giveaway a LOT of free information because I believe knowledge is to be shared <3
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