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Appleseed Photography ACR Presets

$45.00 CAD

I've used so many presets over the years & while they are all amazing, they didn't quite reflect my style!  As a workshop teacher it's important to teach my style from start to finish!

These presets are in BETA mode at this time, there will be a more of a product description when everything is ready! =)

Please know that these presets work best on correctly exposed images.

Disclaimer: THESE ARE ACR PRESETS. They do NOT work in LIGHTROOM ( well, I heard they can work in LR but I am not familiar with the program!)

If you'd like to see how your photos look using these presets before you commit,  please email your RAW SOOC image to 

If you have any questions about these presets or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to reach out! I am always here & happy to assist!